Nomita Khatri

Nomita is a student on the Master’s in Ecology and Spirituality at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, which she aims to complete in 2020. What continues to pique her interest is the connection between the outside world and our own lived internal experiences as individuals within it. The paper Experiencing the Goan Skies presented her with the experience of exploring these seemingly separate spheres under a monsoon sky. Nomita lives in Goa, India, where she works on design projects that explore this mirrored connection between worlds and increasingly hopes bring alive these connections in the form of more qualitative research work.

Christopher Layser

Christopher Layser completed the requirements for the  MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David with a distinction for his dissertation on Maya Skyscape Iconology titled ‘Can an Iconological Analysis of a Classic Period Vase (K1485) Further our Understanding of Ancient Maya Skyscapes?’ He is an active member of the Society for Cultural Astronomy in the American Southwest (SCAAS) and the Pre-Columbian Society of the Penn Museum. As a volunteer with the Maya Research Program (MRP) he participates in Maya site archaeological excavation and photogrammetry/3D imaging in northwestern Belize. Read his contribution The Turtle, the Peccary and the Two-headed Serpent